Featured Farm


As a way to kick off the new year, back in January, we started hosting a featured farm every two weeks. Either starting their time with a vendor day or culminating to it, the featured farms are highlighted and displayed on our featured farm wall for the entirety of their feature. We have been so pleased with the turn out so far and hope to grow it going into summer. For more info on our upcoming events check out our events page, and for more info on our currently featured farm, check out our featured farm page. If you are a producer/processor who would like to be featured contact our Vendor Day Coordinator at Jacob@c4uwa.com

Text Alerts are back!

The wait is finally over!

We now have the ability to send Text Alerts again! Shortly we will start sending out texts detailing our specials, events, and new products as well as when we restock our crowd favorites. We apologize for the long wait and appreciate your continued inquiries, we just wanted to be sure we were entrusting your contact info to a reputable company, that would keep your info safe and not sell it to any third party marketing companies. Unfortunately, due to legal concerns, we are unable to transfer our previous customer database of cell phone numbers. However, if you were receiving alerts via email, you should still be in the system.


If you want to add yourself to the new text alert system you have two options:


Option 1: Come into the store and sign up via the kiosk.

Option 2: Go to This Link Here and follow the onscreen prompts.




We hope to see all of you signing up in store or online! 




We will be closed Thanksgiving!

We will be closed this on Thanksgiving to spend time with our friends and family. We will reopen Green Friday with deals all day long! Have a safe and Joyous holiday! 

Regarding text alerts and other changes…

We are going through some behind the scenes changes in the shop. We are switching from one POS/CRM to a sleeker, hopefully, more efficient system. Most of the changes will not affect you, the customer, just how we manage inventory and sales. The biggest change, for now, will be the ending of our text alerts, we are hoping to find a new method down the road to start the alerts back up again, in the event we do, we will keep all of your info on file and attempt to re-upload you into the new system. The big change will happen in-store starting Tuesday 10/24/17, and we are anticipating a smooth transition, that being said, we are expecting to be moving a little bit slower than usual for the first few days, while all of our budtenders get acquainted and start to feel confident on the new software. We apologize for any delay or inconvenience and GREATLY appreciate your patience during the transition as well your continued patronage!

New Beverage Cooler!


We’ve added a gigantic new industrial beverage cooler to our store. This means our Mirth beverages will be cool once again just in time for the heat of August! In addition to this, we have added some new DRINKABLE options! We are proud to now carry Evergreen Herbal’s line of infused Soda’s, as well as their Cannabis Quenchers! 



Changes in the Shop!

As some of you may have noticed the shop has seen a few changes in the past few months, most notably, some beloved employees have moved on to other things, and a few new faces have joined us. Along with these staff changes we have been going through some product changes as well, including closing out some long time farms, and bringing in new ones! The first of these new farms is actually one that we carried when we opened and just brought back in, Hi- Top Cannabis out of Woodland, WA. Hi-Top features some classic strains grown outdoors in greenhouses just like your guy back in the day! Some of their staples include Acapulco Gold, Afgoeey, and Mauie Wowie. Hi-Top Cannabis is currently available in grams for $12. Green and Gold is a great company we found to fill our $10 gram shelves with some stoney buds and some great $8 full gram Pre-rolls! And last but definitely not least at all is W.O.W. Weed, a small family operated farm out of Eastern Washington. We are pleased to carry a wide range of W.O.W. products including indoor and outdoor flower, sugar shake, all flower pre-rolls as well as infused pre-rolls for only $10! W.O.W. Weed is not only tasty, stoney, and affordable, but committed to growing eco-friendly cannabis at all levels of their production. 

Our Blog

Our Blog will be a place to find our infrequent ramblings about happenings at the shop, field trips we take, and just generally things and products we’re digging on lately. We’ll try to update as much as possible between selling and sampling our fine cannabis.


Our walk through Agrijuana

Recently Agrijuana invited us out to check out their grow, and of course we gladly obliged! We showed up early on a Sunday morning before opening the store up for the day, and took in all the green glory! Patrick, our de facto tour guide, showed us through each step in their process from seed to store ready, including all their veg and flowering rooms, their joint packing station, and of course their Super critical Co2 machine they use to make the oil for their cartridges and topicals.


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