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Started in 2013, to provide a dependable Co2 Cartridge to the medical patients of Washington State, Optimum Extracts quickly rose to prominence in the recreational market as well. They were able to achieve this by always delivering the best, safest and most natural cannabis extracts on the market. It’s this commitment to excellence that really gave them the staying power to succeed in the industry. The dedication to quality starts before the flower is even harvested, Optimum works with only top growers to source the freshest and most potent flower available. Continuing the trend by only using pharmaceutical grade Co2 and medical grade instruments, vessels, and containers, Optimum will then start by extracting the terpenes in the  early stages of the process. After the initial extraction, the filtration begins by lowering the temperature to -80° Celcius (-112°F), this will be repeated anywhere from 3 to 12 times, until all lipids and fats are successfully removed, this process is called winterization. The last filtration is down to .02 microns, smaller than the human eye can see. Optimum Extracts has worked diligently with battery manufacturers to create the perfect partnership between cartridge and battery.



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