“Cedar Creek Cannabis understands the importance of quality.  We take our commitment to excellence seriously and strive to produce only the highest quality cannabis flower, oils, and extracts available.  We are a small-batch, indoor “craft” grower with very old-school, well-vetted strains known for their consistent flavor, high potency & incredible pheno and terpene profiles.

We grow using a flood-to-waste feeding system with coco coir as a medium.  We only use organic, plant-based pest control in the forms of Neem Oil and Geraniol Oil.  We occasionally use Predatory Mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis) which are an effective biological control for use against the two-spotted spider mite. These natural enemies do not bite people, feed on other insects or injure plants.

Our extracts are created using CO2 and a Closed Loop Extraction Machine.  All extracts are made using only our plant material with no outsourcing of low grade or outdoor product.  We never cut or add-in any outside flavors, terpenes or anything else for that matter.  The flavor and terpene profile of our strains sets us apart from the typical, mass-produced cartridges you may have tried before. “*




*Taken from Cedarcreek.com/about