Changes in the Shop!

As some of you may have noticed the shop has seen a few changes in the past few months, most notably, some beloved employees have moved on to other things, and a few new faces have joined us. Along with these staff changes we have been going through some product changes as well, including closing out some long time farms, and bringing in new ones! The first of these new farms is actually one that we carried when we opened and just brought back in, Hi- Top Cannabis out of Woodland, WA. Hi-Top features some classic strains grown outdoors in greenhouses just like your guy back in the day! Some of their staples include Acapulco Gold, Afgoeey, and Mauie Wowie. Hi-Top Cannabis is currently available in grams for $12. Green and Gold is a great company we found to fill our $10 gram shelves with some stoney buds and some great $8 full gram Pre-rolls! And last but definitely not least at all is W.O.W. Weed, a small family operated farm out of Eastern Washington. We are pleased to carry a wide range of W.O.W. products including indoor and outdoor flower, sugar shake, all flower pre-rolls as well as infused pre-rolls for only $10! W.O.W. Weed is not only tasty, stoney, and affordable, but committed to growing eco-friendly cannabis at all levels of their production. 

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